Wheel Pharm is currently located in Louisville, Kentucky. We service the entire Midwest and provide national and worldwide shipping services. We offer complete rebuilding services, polishing, powdercoating, and can even order necessary parts for our DIYers.

Wheel Pharm


Louisville, KY



What is Wheel Pharm?

  • A complete wheel refinishing service that provides one stop shop for rebarreling, replacing wheel hardware, powdercoating, polishing, and repairing damaged wheels.

How was Wheel Pharm created?

  • It started in a small garage on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Just a guy with a few friends still left in Japan and a passion for nice wheels. These days, the flooding of gravity cast replica wheels has saturated the market. We believe there's a bit of nostalgia in refinishing rare, hard to find modular wheels. Nothing makes us happier than taking something that hasn't been cleaned in a decade and making it look better than new again.

Why don't you sell [Brand] wheels?

  • Wheel Pharm's entire philosophy revolves around the appreciation of restoration. We understand the business risks of our decision not to become a retailer for some of the more 'affordable' wheels available elsewhere.